June 11, 2024

How To Use AI to Create and Monetize Commerce Content


Commerce content is any kind of content that promotes products or services or helps you drive sales and conversions.

It can be anything from product descriptions to marketing content like blogs, e-books, and guides. It could also be your website’s content strategy or even your email newsletter.

Commerce content is a major factor in the success of your online business, whether you’re promoting digital products or advertising physical wares. At every step of the way, AI can make this easier for you.

Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how to use AI to create engaging commerce content that adds value for your customers and helps you establish a profitable brand.

The Role of AI in Generating Commerce Content

Today’s most popular AI tool is generative AI. In essence, they take inputs (called prompts) from users and produce outputs based on a complicated statistical algorithm.

AI models are trained on vast data sets of images, texts, sounds, and even videos in order to “learn” what human-created output looks like and how to mimic it.

  • AI writing assistants like ChatGPT or Jasper can generate text for product descriptions, blogs, e-books, and anything else the user can imagine.
  • Image generators like Dall-E and Midjourney can help produce banners, image posts, and other visual marketing materials.
  • Content optimization tools like Clearscope and MarketMuse can help improve SEO (search engine optimization) and make content easily digestible.

Once fully trained, AI models can rapidly produce content that rivals or even exceeds human creativity, making them perfect tools for creating, editing, optimizing, and monetizing commerce content.

Getting started with AI generators is easy, but like any other tool, mastery will take practice and effort. The more time you spend with these AI generators, the better you’ll get at rapidly producing high-quality, engaging content.

Using AI to Plan and Execute Your Commerce Content Strategy

Aside from generating or optimizing content, AI analytics tools can also help you market it more effectively. Here are a few ways to use AI to plan and optimize your AI strategy:

Using AI to Gain Market Insights

Tools like ChatGPT are perfect for market research and identifying target audiences. Use these tools to find competitors, learn their features quickly, and identify gaps in their commerce content that you can capitalize on.

You can also ask AI chatbots to research useful KPIs. For example, you can learn what a realistic web traffic goal might be for your industry or product. This gives you a clear path to success and an easy way to track your progress.

Using AI to Market Your Commerce Content

You can also utilize AI to automate and optimize your marketing efforts. Here are a few AI tools that can make your marketing easier and more efficient:

  • Social media optimization tools like Hootsuite use AI to schedule and manage social media posts.
  • Email platforms like Mailchimp have AI tools that can help you personalize commerce content emails, segment audiences, and optimize send times for better engagement.
  • Tools like Outbrain can help distribute your content across relevant platforms, improving your visibility and driving traffic.

By finding and utilizing every tool available, you can harness AI's full potential for everything from planning to marketing your commerce content.

Monetizing your AI Commerce Content

Creating compelling commerce content is a step towards driving revenue, but monetization strategies are essential for maximizing the financial potential of your content.

3 Pillars of Commerce Content Monetization Strategy

When it comes to monetization, you’ll want to focus on three key pillars:

  1. Simplicity: Ideally, your monetization is natural and streamlined. This benefits you by saving time on research and execution. Seamless monetization also feels less obtrusive for your audience, which can lead to increased conversion rates.
  2.  Profitability: You want to get the most out of your commerce content by finding affiliates, sponsors, and advertisers who are paying top-dollar.
Repeatability: The best monetization strategies should be easy to reproduce. This makes it easier to scale and incentivizes you to keep creating high-quality content.

3 Timeless Commerce Content Monetization Strategies

Though there are countless ways to earn money on your commerce content, there are three ways that apply to nearly every industry and work perfectly on most platforms:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate programs enable content creators to earn money whenever you mention a brand name or product in your content.

By including affiliate links within your commerce content, you can earn a share of the revenue a brand gets when a customer uses that link and goes on to complete a sale or other qualified action.

Tools like Revenue Engine can help you find and automatically include affiliate links in your AI-generated content.

2.  Sponsorships

You can also partner with brands to create specific sponsored content. These could be articles, product reviews, or social media posts that promote the brand.

AI can help you identify potential sponsorships by analyzing market trends and target audience demographics.

3. Advertising

Finally, advertising is a classic and effective way to earn money from your commerce content.

Networks like Google AdSense can display advertisements on your website or blog, generating revenue per view or click.

AI tools can help you optimize ad placement and targeting, further increasing your passive income from ads.

Optimize Affiliate Links in your Commerce Content with Revenue Engine

From generating engaging text and visuals to optimizing your marketing efforts, AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Dall-E, and various content optimization platforms can streamline your content creation process.

You can also use AI for market insights, effective content marketing, and executing on the three key pillars of monetizing your content: simplicity, profitability, and repeatability.

Revenue Engine was created with this philosophy in mind.

Our goal is to give AI commerce content creators an affiliate marketing automation tool that complements your AI-generated content by automatically identifying and adding relevant affiliate links.

Revenue Engine can save you time, add value for your audience, and provide endless access to thousands of pre-existing affiliate marketing programs that will help you monetize your commerce content.

If you're looking for a simple and repeatable way to enhance your commerce content with affiliate marketing links, check out Revenue Engine today.