The Revenue Engine for the
AI Economy

The Revenue Engine for the
AI Economy

You Bring The Innovation,

We Bring The Monetization

Whatever creative application you’re building, from inside the biggest companies in the world, or from your cozy garage, RevenueEngine has what you need to monetize it.

Let us show you how easy it is to start earning.

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Monetizing Generative AI Content

Monetizing AI Generated Content

Humans already ask ChatGPT and other LLMs around the world billions of questions each day. Some of those questions naturally have answers that contain references to products, brands and things to buy, like, “What are the best headphones for runners?”

With RevenueEngine, all of those generated recommendations can be monetized links.

Monetizing AI Content

Monetizing AI Enhanced Content

Big or Small, A Revenue Engine for Everyone

TravelArrow has been using Wildfire for a while now to power our MilesBack feature, where users automatically earn Miles as cashback when they shop online. When we envisioned building ForgeMyTrip to provide AI generated trip itineraries, there was no question that we’d use Wildfire’s RevenueEngine to monetize the output and improve the user experience.

Jaideep Patil, Co-Founder, TravelArrow / ForgeMyTrip

If you have or are using AI that augments content, like making suggestions for what to type next in a predictive keyboard, RevenueEngine can monetize those suggestions where a brand or product is mentioned or purchase intent is indicated. Detecting context is important, because there’s a fine line between enhancing a user’s experience and driving them crazy.

Enhancing the User Experience

Enhancing The User Experience

We’re all grateful for contextually relevant links being automatically added to our content for things like maps, flight numbers, package tracking, and more. Why not links to commerce when there is clear purchase intent? With Revenue Engine, this is simple to implement, unobtrusive to users, and actually earns revenue for you.

What’s better than making a better user experience, while making revenue at the same time?

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does RevenueEngine work?

Whenever your AI-based tool or bot generates product references or recommendations, RevenueEngine provides an easy way to include monetized links for those products in the content it generates. When that link is clicked by users, online merchants may pay a commission. RevenueEngine keeps a small share of any commissions and passes the rest on to you.

Who is RevenueEngine for?

RevenueEngine was created for anyone building LLMs, bots that depend on those LLMs, or any other AI-based tools that use generative AI to create or enhance content.

As such, RevenueEngine works for the largest companies in the world, universities, and other enterprises that are developing LLMs, to creative individuals and small businesses using those LLMs and generative AI to bring their ideas to life.

Is RevenueEngine an AI?

No, RevenueEngine is itself not an AI. It is a technology that's been designed to work with your AI or AI-based software, whether you're using ChatGPT, Bard,, or something else entirely.

How do I get RevenueEngine?

Ready to get started? Just sign up and let us know about the application you have in mind and we will deliver everything you need to get started making money with right away.

How much does RevenueEngine cost?

RevenueEngine is free. We make money by taking a small portion of the commissions earned by your application, instead of charging you for use.

We Build the Network.
You Reap the Benefits.

Wildfire’s RevenueEngine gives you instant access to start earning from the largest worldwide network of tens of thousands of top-tier online stores and offers without the hassle of individual applications, complicated negotiations, and ongoing maintenance.

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How To Use offers exciting possibilities for adding shoppable e-commerce links to your AI-generated content. These links can earn you money when readers click and buy products.

Uncover everything you need to know to start monetizing AI-generated content in our Cheat Sheet.