Browser Extension

The free tool to help you generate & monetize content.

The free RevenueEngine Chrome browser extension makes it easy for creators to develop content and automatically create tracked links to relevant merchant websites, all in one place. Use it to create content and automatically insert your RevenueEngine links into that content.

The browser extension can develop first drafts of articles such as “ranked,” “best of,” or “compare and contrast” posts. It can even create AI-generated hero images for you!

By using the free extension, you'll automatically have access to thousands of affiliate programs (no more applying and waiting to be approved one-by-one). The RevenueEngine browser extension will insert your tracked links anytime there's a product or brand mention in your content. And you earn commission whenever someone buys from your links. 

This all means you can dedicate more time to focus on what you do best: content creation. 

How easy is it?

Create an article in less than 2 minutes

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