About Us

RevenueEngine.ai is an innovative content monetization platform from Wildfire Systems, Inc., that allows companies to easily earn revenue from their generative AI applications, plugins, and products.

As the AI economy takes off, companies large and small are leveraging generative AI tools like chatbots, predictive text generators, and content enhancers to create transformative new products and services. However, many struggle with finding ways to actually make money from these AI innovations. 

That's where RevenueEngine comes in. Our platform provides the missing monetization layer that enables creators who generate or enhance content with AI to turn their content, products, apps, and services into revenue generators.

Monetize Your AI Content

With RevenueEngine, any AI-generated content that offers “shoppable” references - such as product recommendations, “best of” lists, travel itineraries, shopping suggestions, or any other such recommendations - can be instantly transformed into monetized and trackable affiliate links for nearly 60,000 merchant sites.

This means that whenever an end user clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase, the AI innovator who built the product or produced the content with the help of generative AI, earns a commission for referring that purchase. 

It's a simple, seamless way to monetize AI apps without having to build an entire affiliate marketing or ecommerce operation. And, it taps into the massive $1.3 trillion generative AI market forecasted by 2032.


Join the AI monetization revolution with RevenueEngine