March 14, 2024

How the RevenueEngine Browser Extension Creates Affiliate Links and AI-Generated Content


If you haven’t had a chance to install the free RevenueEngine browser extension and see how much easier it is for you to generate content with it, here’s a quick showcase of what it can do for you as a content creator. 

In a slightly different approach from the core RevenueEngine platform, the RevenueEngine browser extension uses some basic AI features to generate drafts of articles based on products or sites you select, with your own personal tracked RevenueEngine links automatically included. 


How To Create Shoppable Affiliate Links

First, select the products you want to consider for your article. In this example, we're choosing some flip-flops at Old Navy.

RevenueEngine Extension Article Generation_p1


How to Use the AI Content Generator

Next, go to your Dashboard in the extension, and choose which of your selected products to include in your article draft.

Enter a simple prompt to give the extension some direction, and hit "Generate." 

RevenueEngine Extension Article Generation_p2


Within seconds, you'll have a working draft that you can customize to your own voice, and it already includes your tracked RevenueEngine links for the products you included!

You can even ask it to generate an image if you want.

When your article goes live, if readers purchase from your included links, you will earn a small commission. It's that easy!

Now, with the browser extension, it’s that much simpler for you to generate monetized content with  See for yourself.